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Administrative and financial matters are managed by each hospital. Healthcare Belgium facilitates the procedure for all international patients who wish to be treated in Belgium. In collaboration with all member hospitals, we created a secure platform through which you can request an appointment or a remote medical opinion. Your personal and medical data is transferred in a secure manner (encrypted) to the hospitals and a service centre helps you to find the best hospital and specialist according to your needs.

Our service centre can assist you in French, Dutch, English and Arabic. For Russian Patients, a local partner can assist you in your language with a local number.  

Administrative Fee

In order to facilitate the process for international patients, a number of medical information is asked. For the composition of this medical file, a fixed fee of 100 Euro will be asked from you.

This administrative fee is for both appointments in a Belgian hospital or remote medical opinion.

Cost Estimate

  • For an appointment: Once your medical file is completed and sent to the centre of excellence of your choice, it will be analysed and you will receive a cost estimate and an appointment date within 72 hours. 
    To confirm the appointment, another 100 Euro will be asked as a pre-payment. This amount will be deducted from your final bill at the hospital.
  • For a remote medical opinion: Once your medical file is completed and sent to the specialist of your choice, it will be analysed and you will receive an order proposition from the specialist within 72 hours. To confirm your order and be able to access the final medical report a fixed fee of 200 Euro payable through paypal will be required.


The payments done through our platform are supported by paypal to ensure a comfortable and secure payment for our users.

Embassy Patients

We accept payment guarantees from following embassies: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Contact your embassies as we work closely with them.


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