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The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)


The Voice of Business in Belgium

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) is the only multi-sector employers' organisation representing companies in all three regions of Belgium. Its members, Belgium's leading sectoral federations, represent companies in key industrial and service sectors.

FEB is the voice of business in Belgium. It aims to: work towards creating an optimum business environment; promote business interests at federal, European and international level; ensure consistency in the message entrepreneurs deliver and the actions they take.

FEB aims to help create jobs for the future and ensure that these jobs complement each other, especially in the service, industrial and construction sectors.

FEB is firmly committed to ensuring that it is open to outside activities. Accordingly, it organises a wide range of meetings and information sessions at national, European (European Business Summit) and international level.

FEB's activities, backed up by knowledge of what is happening in the field thanks to the expertise provided by its member federations, cover all business-related matters. More specifically, FEB is involved in economic, social, legal and fiscal issues. The organisation outlines its priorities in Strategy 2010, a range of proposals that aim to boost the Belgian economy by improving economic growth
and creating more jobs.


Pierre Alain De Smedt, President FEB                         Pieter Timmermans, CEO FEB

FEB in figures

FEB has 35 full members, all of which are professional sectoral federations, as well as a number of applicant and corresponding members. All in all, it represents more than 48,000 businesses, of which 41,000 are small or medium-sized enterprises.
In terms of jobs, FEB represents approximately 1.6 million workers in the private sector. FEB also represents companies in nearly 150 national, European and international bodies.


Each of the initiatives devised by FEB is based on a range of values: the social market economy, sustainable development, business ethics, corporate governance, consultation and self-regulation.

Active nationally...

FEB represents the interests of businesses not only in their dealings with public authorities and trade unions but also vis-à-vis the media, NGOs and the academic world. The organisations' practical initiatives and proposals are designed to promote more business-friendly policies.

FEB also acts as a social partner in negotiating a range of multi-sector agreements and contracts. As part of this work, it focuses specifically on making businesses more competitive. FEB also officially represents private-sector businesses within a large number of federal bodies, such as the Central Economic Council, the National Labour Council, the Consumer Council, the Belgian Export Credit Agency and the Federal Council for Sustainable Development.

... active at European level ...

Given the growing impact of European legislation on daily business activities, FEB actively promotes its members' interests in the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers.

FEB is the Belgian representative within and founder member of European employers' organisation BUSINESSEUROPE, through which it helps to further the European integration process.

The organisation also works closely with representatives from the Belgian economic sphere in the European Economic and Social Committee.

... active internationally

FEB works actively to develop international economic relations, for example, during state visits to Belgium and economic missions abroad. The primary aims are to make it easier for Belgian products and services to be launched on international markets and to attract new foreign investors to Belgium. As part of this work, FEB also actively monitors trade negotiations launched by the World
Trade Organisation (WTO).

The employers' organisation also endeavours to improve relations between Belgium's economic players and international organisations. FEB sits on the Business and Advisory Committee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Labour Office (ILO). It is also actively involved in the activities of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), of which ICC Belgium is a member.


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